DNS Lookup Failed

DNS Lookup Failed usually occurs when the requesting computer cannot resolve the IP address for the requested hostname. This is common if you are requesting a webpage you are finding that you are not getting anything returned to you. Because DNS translates the hostname to the associated IP address you may find that the hostname fails but typing the IP address directly may fix this issue.

If you are having issues with DNS then you may have to do some testing to find where the problem is occurring. This can take you a bit of time but this is like all network diagnostics, it can take a while to pin point exactly where the problems happen. Knowing where the error is occurring the first steps to resolving the issue and giving you knowledge to fixing similar errors in the future.

If you have made any network changes then see if you can revert back to these as sometimes any incorrect settings may cause networking issues. Even if you only have one computer in your house, if you have changed any IP addressing or installed a new router if you have incorrectly configured these then you may find that you are having DNS issues.

If you have set up a new router then you may have not entered the IP addresses for the DNS Servers. This will mean that your router will act as a DNS server but it will not forward any outside global requests to your ISP meaning that you will get the response of DNS Lookup Failed. If this is the case then  set your local computer DNS settings to Googles Public DNS and and see if this resolves. If this fixes your issues then set your routers DNS settings to Googles or ask your ISP for the IP address for their DNS Servers


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