If you have used the various diagnostic tools for DNS which are mentioned on this web site then you will know if your DNS is working correctly. Whatever settings you have changed to fix DNS then you should repeat and retry the diagnostic tools to see if you have resolved your issues. These tools are usually preinstalled in the many popular Operating systems but these tools can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Market Place if you are diagnosing on a tablet or smartphone.

There are various fixes for DNS lookup failed to which some only work on a specific type of device and others are cross platform meaning that they are easily transferable between devices. If you have traced where about the diagnostics have failed then you can start the fix at the first point of failure, for example if your computer has gotten an IP address via DHCP from your router then you may have not been assigned a DNS server, you can then go to your IP configuration and manually add and and then retry the diagnostics. This type of fix can be applied to Apple, Linux and Android Devices.

If you use a separate DNS server on your network for services such as Active Directory then make sure that you have set your Physical DNS Server to forward all requests to your Router or directly to your ISP, As if they don’t forward only local DNS request will be translated to IP addresses and not the outside global addresses.

Make sure that your Router has the IP address of your ISPs DNS servers, either by selecting the checkbox that says get settings automatically or by statically entering the IP address if the automatic option does not work. If you don’t know your ISP DNS servers then you can use google public DNS

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