NSLookup And Dig

NSLookup and DIG are commonly used tools that come installed on Computer Operating systems. Windows uses NSLookup and Linux uses DIG but DIG is also available to download for Windows Operating systems via the Internet Systems Consortium. Also there are various websites that offer DNS Services but instead will use their Specified DNS Server and not the one you are using, so this may not be an accurate test if you want to fully diagnose your problem

NSLookup will provide a basic service for DNS diagnostics, usually by providing the IP address to the hostname that you have typed in. This is what it will only do meaning that if you wanted to know the mail server that is running on that domain or the name servers then it will not provide you with these and you would have to look somewhere else.

On the other hand DIG will provide you will all of the necessary information about DNS, this will tell you the IP address, the mail server, name servers, and any IPV6 records. This will allow you to fully diagnose the problem. With NSlookup and DIG you must be pointing to valid DNS Servers as if you are not you will not be able to resolve the IP address. If you are having issues with your DNS servers then you can use Googles Public DNS servers ,these are (,, Using DIG with these name servers should fix the problem the majority of the time.

To Use NSLookup all you have to do is go to your command prompt and type in nslookup <hostname>. To resolve google you would just type in nslookup google.com and this would return the IP address of Google.com 

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