Ping And Traceroute

A common way to test your DNS for errors is by using Ping and Trace route, these tools come with every computer on every operating system. You can even download these tools from Android Market Place and Apple App store. To use these tools on your desktop pc all you have to do is open up a Command Prompt and type in these Two Commands ping and tracert (Traceroute) 

Ping and Trace Route are the best tools for network diagnostics, these work by sending small messages to a server. If the server responds then you will get a reply back, this is how the ping works. Trace route will show you all of the hops it took to get to that server from your PC. For example If you travel from home to work, a hop will be every island/junction and every road name that you took to get to your destination.

As I have said earlier networks work by the IP address and not the hostname , as the hostname is for the benefit for our memories. If you open up a command prompt and type in “ping” you should get the IP address for  

 Trace route will show you how your packet travelled across the internet to get to where it needs to go. A Hop is a different router you packet has passed through and that will pass your packet onto the next router until the server is found.


The way to find out if you are having DNS Lookup Failed Issues is to ping the host name and if you are not getting the IP for that hostname then you will see the ping fail.  

As you can see the computer cannot resolve the IP address for the hostname so the ping and the trace route has failed. To being able to define this as a DNS issue and not a connection issue you should ping the IP address for that hostname. Use Googles IP address of 

Pinging and performing a trace router to the IP address of Google has proved that the internet is working and the issue that you are having is with your DNS. You may have noticed with this performing trace route this time is that there is no hostnames next to the IP address and this is because there is no DNS to translate the IP to its hostname.  

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