What Is DNS


A Domain Name Server (DNS) is an important part of the internet and without it would make the internet only accessible to those fully know what an IP address is. DNS is a way of converting a hostnames such as “google.com” to “”. As Google.com is easier to remember than, this is like your Contacts in your mobile where a Person called Joyce will have a particular contact number. It is much easier to remember the name of the contact than it is to remember their 11 Digit number.

Although we access the internet with hostnames and domain names the way the internet works is the same way computers work. Computers discard the Hostname on requests and the way packets and data are transferred across the internet is Via IP addresses, A typical IP Packet will gave a source IP and a Destination IP Address. The source address is will be your IP that your ISP assigns you  and the destination IP address with be the hostnames IP Address. DNS will bridge the gap between you and the Domain’s server address.

DNS is a recursive system where it the hostname will be passed Server to server hoping to find the IP address for that particular hostname. Once an IP address has been found for a hostname then it will be stored in a cache, this is known as DNS Cache and this speeds up the process so that the computer will not query a global DNS server for the same IP Address as the computer will keep a local copy.


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